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File Manager -> Apple_with_Magnifying_Glass.pngWe believe every school district should have access to the knowledge and expertise of a Registered Dietitian.

That is why we created My InHouse RD


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     As nutrition experts, our passion is to inspire and enable schools to achieve excellence in menu planning.

We make the process of menu nutrient analysis appraochable by providing nutrition expertise and advocacy, innovation, and personal attention to your needs. We are your personal InHouse Registered Dietitians. 

We would love to hear from you and be a part of your school family.





Nutritional Analysis and Menu Planning Consulting Services

My InHouse RD is a professional Registered Dietitian service focused on providing nutritional analysis services for School Nutrition Departments. Services are customized to each district's needs and can include anything from creating your Nutritional Analysis database, to supplemental maintenance of your Nutritional Analysis program, to training, and even Nutrition Program assessment and preparation for an Administrative Review audit.

Districts that share the same geographic area, perhaps belong to the same buying Cooperative, and serve many of the same products, are encouraged to work together to share in the costs and best practices of nutritional analysis services.

In-House RD Services

  • Weighted Nutrient Analysis
  • Meal Pattern Compliance
  • Database Clean-up and Maintenance
  • Standardized Recipes
  • Nutritional Analysis Training
  • Administrative Review Preparation and Advocacy
  • Nutritional file preparation for interactive website menu display
  • Carbohydrate Counts for school nurses
  • Special Diets

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